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The Murray RIver

‘Flu vaccination time again!

It’s that time of year again and we are well underway with our vaccination clinics to ensure everyone who wants and needs a ‘flu shot’ can get one.

All patients wanting the vaccination should book an appointment with their GP (or a GP holding a ‘Flu Clinic’). 

We rely on the supply of our vaccinations via the Government supply process and try to always have enough in stock to meet the demand.  Sometimes we do run out and this may delay you being able to get your vaccination by a day or two.  We will do our best to keep you informed should we run out and be waiting on stock. 

We encourage all our patients to consider the ‘flu vaccination’ as a way of protecting not only yourself but also those around you who may be vulnerable to infection, such as the very young, the elderly and those with respiratory or other conditions that may compromise their ability to fight off infection.

SA Health has more information on their website about the vaccine program.  Follow this link if you would like to read more -



The cost to private patients is the consultation (rebate available from Medicare) plus the vaccination ($15).  For concession and pension card holders you will be bulk billed for the consultation and then be billed $15 for the vaccination.  There is a list of people who are eligible for a free vaccination and this can be found on the SA Health website link too.  Speak to your doctor if you are not certain if you are eligible for a free vaccination this year.

Take care as the winter months and cold weather begins and we wish you all the best of health.

Jill Coombe


The Rail Bridge over the Murray

URGENT: For HEP A enquiries please call Communicable Diseases 1300 232 272  

A number of years ago the Federal Government stopped support funding for general practices for wound management and nursing services.
Bridge Clinic can no longer provide these at no cost to patients, given the increasing cost of dressings, instruments, specialised products, compliance for accreditation, sterilisation and nursing time involved with these valued services.

For this reason a FACILITY FEE will apply from MONDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2015.

Premium Dressings - minimum $20 + consumables
(eg high quality dressing products, foams, forceps, glues, 20 minutes or more nurse time to treat)
Basic dressings (taking less than 20 minutes) will continue to be at no cost to the patient and provided in circumstances where the wound requires minimum intervention and care.
Dressings taking longer than 20 minutes - a minimum fee of $20 plus cost of consumables will apply.
Procedures - $30 (removals, insertions, emergency suturing)
Ear syringing fee is $15 as there is no appropriate Medicare rebate to cover this procedure.
Fees payable in addition to the cost of the GP consultation and apply to all patients.

 (See Accounts section for details about accounts terms and conditions)  


PRCC Students

Welome to the 2015 PRCC Students 

- Michael Haynes and Talisha Condon

Welcome to the New Intern

Intern placements - farewell to all our Interns for 2014. This program has been ceased.




Changes to our Registrar placements for 2015.